Damir Pecenkovic

Graphic Designer - Multimedia Specialist

Redmond, Washington

Formula Drift Long Beach Coverage
Formula Drift Long Beach Coverage
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Performance Tuner Magazine Layout
Arizona State University Exhibit
Formula Drift Long Beach Coverage
Best Buy Mobile Advertisement
CorSport Advertisement
Giraffe Kingdom Jeans Advertisement
Performance Tuner Magazine Layout
Arizona State University Exhibit

About: Damir Pecenkovic


               My name is Damir Pecenkovic, I am a Graphic Designer/Multimedia Specialist. I have spent many years working with computers, cameras, and cars. My love for design and multimedia, as well as my love for cars started at an early age. This mixture of passions has lead me down some interesting roads such as working for CorSport Inc as a Social Media and Marketing Artist, as a Camera Operator for IMS at the University of Utah, and as a Senior Video Editor for Fifth North Studios. My many years of working with multimedia and design as well as my love for automotive customization and culture have lead me to my current position as the Editor In Chief at Performance Tuner Magazine.

               Originally I am from Bihac, Bosnia, but have spent the majority of my life on the western side of the United States. I currently reside in Redmond, Washington where I continue to hone my artistic skills as well as explore new avenues of design. As the Editor In Chief at Performance Tuner I get to spend the majority of my time doing what I love, and I get to mix some of my favorite things, design, photography and cars.

               Outside of PTM I spend time working on my 2008 Honda Civic Si that has been built for Time Attack competition as well general tinkering on anything that has an engine and wheels. Outside of cars and design I enjoy spending time with my fiancé and our two dogs, Balonie and Froyo.

               I have always been a big fan of Ayrton Senna, and find the way that he looked at life to be very inspirational. With that, I leave you with this quote.

“On a given day, a given circumstance, you think you have a limit. And you then go for this limit and you touch this limit, and you think, 'Okay, this is the limit'. And so you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high.” - Ayrton Senna

- Damir Pecenkovic

Projects: Resume

Performance Tuner Media  (2012-Current)

Performance Tuner is a magazine that is centered around the world of customized import vehicles from Korea and Japan. Performance Tuner covers car builds, events, competitions and racing. My position of Editor In Chief has me overseeing the general operations of the magazine and its employees, it also puts me in the center of all layout and content decisions. Outside of the administrative work, I am also responsible for the layout of each issue as well as all of the graphic and marketing design for the magazine. On occasion I can also be found shooting or writing features for the magazine.

CorSport Inc  (2011-Current)

CorSport was established in 2005 and is coming up on 10 years of business. In that time CorSport has permanently positioned itself as one of the premier aftermarket performance parts dealers in the United States. My position at CorSport of Social Media and Marketing Artist has me controlling all aspects of CorSport’s social media channels as well as the creation and implementation of marketing and advertising content weather for web or print. I am currently also the driver of CorSport’s #19 CorFG2 Honda Civic Time Attack Car.

Arizona State University  (2009-2011)

The Library Channel at Arizona State University provides ASU students with Library and other campus related news and information. During my time at ASU as a Video Editor and Graphic Designer I was responsible for editing all of the video and audio content for the Library Channel and its Youtube channel. Outside of video editing I was also responsible for designing flyers, advertisements, signs, and web content for the ASU Libraries. Many of my projects at ASU had international reach, and can still be seen on their multiple campuses to this day.

Fifth North Studios  (2004-2010)

Fifth North Studios was a production house that specialized in graphic design and video production until they closed their doors in 2010. My position at Fifth North Studios of Senior Video Editor kept me quite busy as I was responsible for creating and editing video content for FNS directly as well as its clients. This video content would then be used for the web, broadcast television, and company internal trainings.

Circuit City  (2007-2008)

Upon my relocation to the state of Arizona I decided to give a different direction a go and I accepted a job as a FireDog Computer Repair Manager at Circuit City. My responsibilities included supervising the FireDog technicians as they completed computer repairs and making sure that the team hit all sales and customer satisfaction figures. This position was short lived, as a year later Circuit City closed its doors.

University of Utah (IMS)  (2007)

Instructional Media Services is an in-house production company at the University of Utah that specializes at creating educational content for use at the university level. My position at IMS had me recording and editing events, lectures, shows, plays, sports, and even operations at the University Medical Center. Many of the events were either broadcasted live or were a one time shot, so it was critical to get the shot right the first time, the only time.

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Milestones: Accomplishments

Bachelor of Arts  (2011)

Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Production (Cum Lade) from Arizona State University.

Library Media Awards Best Editing  (2009/2010/2011)

Library Media Best Editing Award winner three years in a row.

Certification in Multimedia/Design  (2006)

State of Utah professional certification in Multimedia and Design.

Certification in Film/Television and Broadcasting  (2006)

State of Utah professional certification in Film/Television and Broadcasting.

Salt Lake Film Festival  (2005)

Best short film and best of show winner.

Academy of Art Film Festival  (2005)

Best short film under five minutes.